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In Keilor East, about 17 kilometres north-west of Melbourne's CBD, Elisabeth Paterson's 24-year-old son, Dale, was in their backyard firing up the barbecue. He hadn't told his mother but he was having trouble breathing. The sky was grey and, at one point, tree branches thrashed in a whirling dervish of a wind. But the family is Scottish. "We would call that 'barbecue weather'," says Paterson, a psychiatric nurse who works on the Footscray Hospital campus.Around 5.30pm, Jackie Falzon was woken from her nap by her crying baby. Quickly she realised she had asthma. She got up and used her Ventolin puffer. It didn't help. She used it two more times. As Falzon held onto the kitchen bench and hunched her shoulders over in what doctors call the "tripod position" and which asthmatics adopt to try to get in more air, she heard the rain. "It pelted down like for five seconds.